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[EBOOK] Flower seed catalog

We are delighted to deliver our new Flower seeds catalog for 2018-2019.

Customers are always requesting the newest colors, the newest products and the best performing varieties.

It is our job to collect and screen potential new varieties to find the very best!

Breeding companies from around the world are recognizing climate change. One of the important objectives for breeding is to improve plant adaptability to better withstand these new challenges from the weather and disease.

There are many new hybrids in this catalog that perform better under climate stress.

At our farm in Chiangmai Thailand, our main activity is growing and testing new products. This allows US to recommend the optimal growing season, and to find out tips to increase productivity and plant performance.

We will continue to support our customers and the flower industry by offering the best products and the best service available. We look forward to serving you in the year ahead and helping make 2018-19 a success!

[EBOOK] Flower seed catalog

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