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[EBOOK] 12’ Wide Evolution Cedar Greenhouse Assembly Instructions

Thank you for purchasing your new Alton greenhouse. We recommend you familiarise yourself with the instructions and read all safety information before you commence assembly. This instruction manual is also available online at www.qreenhousepeople.co.uk in the technical help section should you need to reprint it. should you require any additional advice you can always call us on 01782 385409.

Safety Warning

•    Glass, aluminium and timber can potentially cause injury. Please ensure you wear protective goggles, gloves, headgear and suitable footwear when assembling and glazing the building.

•    Please remember that glass is fragile and should be handled with extreme care. Always clear up and dispose of any breakages immediately.

•    Do not assemble the greenhouse in high winds.

•    For safety reasons and ease of assembly, we recommend that this greenhouse is assembled by a minimum of two people.

•    Please clear all lying snow from the greenhouse roof as it can cause the roof to buckle or collapse.

Site Preparation

•    When selecting a site for your greenhouse, it is vital that you choose as flat and level an area as possible.

•    A concrete or slabbed base will provide the most solid foundation for your greenhouse. A slabbed base would be our preferred choice as this helps with drainage.

•    Avoid placing your greenhouse under trees or in other vulnerable locations.

•    To minimise the risk of wind damage, try to select as sheltered a site as possible, e.g. beside a hedgerow or garden fence.

Additional Considerations

•    Please bear in mind that assembling your greenhouse can be time consuming. You may need to spread the construction over two or more days. We recommend that you avoid leaving the building partially glazed. If you ever have to leave your greenhouse half assembled and not anchored down, weigh it down with slabs or bags of sand to stop the wind moving it.

•    You will find it helpful to prepare a large, clean and clear area in which to work in. A garage floor or flat lawn area is ideal.

•    If you have arranged for someone to install your greenhouse for you, please check that all components are included. Most parts are numbered and can be identified by a stamp or removable label. Alternatively, the components can be identified by lengths detailed in the packing list in your main cardboard box.

•    Once installed your greenhouse requires little maintenance, but to maintain the smooth running of your door(s) WD40 or similar can be applied to the door wheels and lower door guides.

•    Remember this is a natural un-treated product, the wood will soak up some water to start with and some staining may occur. This will settle down over time and the greenhouse will really blend with its surroundings. If you want to avoid this and give your greenhouse a more permanent finish you could apply an oil or spirit based product (it would be best to do this before glazing!).

[EBOOK] 12’ Wide Evolution Cedar Greenhouse Assembly Instructions

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