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[EBOOK] The Impact of Globalization on the Agricultural Sectors of East and Central African Countries, P. Robbins and R.S.B. Ferris, Published by ASARECA/IITA Monograph

The main themes of the report
The process of globalization affects many aspects of agriculture and the wider economy. In order to

explore the main issues tJLcing, African countries, this report has divided the utiles into eleven dseme*.

I Historical context. Agricultural activity in Pastern and Central African counrries has been greatly influenced by those countries lung relationship with the rest of the world. Many of the structures used to assist producers and to distribute and marker produces have been inherited From the colonial era. The pressure to liberalize agricultural production and marketing began thirty years ago.

2. Globalization: a trade revolution. The term global (ration describes I lie Internationa] capitalist movement that is transforming world economic affairs today. The process is based on a combined effect oF rapid advances in technology, global financing, information access* and communication. Mass access to these Factors has catalyzed a pch<»d of exceptional economic growth ỉn the industrialized nations during the past 10 years and the impact of global Í/.H ion will be the most influential vehicle of change in the next decade.

5.    The impact of liberalization on agriculture. The objectives of the liberalization poxes* beginning with economic structural adjustment programs which were adopted by nxm African countries, and how these change* have affected Agriculture and agricultural communities. International trade agreements. Agreements between trading partners governing imports and export* of agricultural commodities and agricultural input. The agreements governing trade with Fairope, World Trade Organization agreements, and regional trade.

5.    Trade negotiations. Mechanisms of negotiating trade agreements and the diHiculues encountered by developing countries in ilscir anempc to represent that countries* interests in these negotiations.

6.    Agricultural markets. The growing influence of market mechanisms over the production and distribution of agricultural products and agricultural inputs. \ he changes that luve occurred in agricultural markets at the local, national, and international level.

7.    Agricultural market infrastructure. The impact of liberalization on the means by which agricultural products arc marketed including transport, contractual arrangements, credit provision, and the provision of market information.

H The postadjustment agenda. In recent years, enough evidence his been accumulated to enable observers to identify the positive and negative aspects of the globalization process. Dil-cuss ion has moved on to how developing countries can best take advantage of new opportunities and bow they can protect thcimclvrv, either by changes in local policies or with interna nonal assistance, from the Hellene aspects of globalization. This agenda will influence the evolution of policy* in trade negotiations* Jgriculrur.il research, and agricultural development.

9 A profile of individual countries. The specific difficulties of individual Fast and Central African countries in an increasingly globalized world.

10. Conclusions and recommendations. 1 bis section will surest rccommcmiitions to government agencies and thr other public and private agencies working in agriculture in the region.

11. Sources of information and information links. This section indudes annexes regarding the globalization debate, futures markets, and new ideas on managing markets.

[EBOOK] The Impact of Globalization on the Agricultural Sectors of East and Central African Countries, P. Robbins and R.S.B. Ferris, Published by ASARECA/IITA Monograph

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