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[EBOOK] PLANTS AND ENVIRONMENT, Edited by Hemanth KN. Vasanthaiah and Devaiah Kambiranda, Published by INTECHWEB.ORG

The purpose of this book is to discuss intricate problems associated with plant performance under hostile conditions. Plants are sessile organisms and are frequently exposed to extreme stresses. Therefore, they have to be considerably more adaptable to stressful environments and must acquire greater tolerance to multiple stresses. Individual plant performance varies with their magnitude of tolerance. Among the stresses, abiotic stress is known to repeatedly limit the growth and productivity of plants, which negatively affects the yield, quality and other characteristics of the crops. As plants do not posses immune system, they have evolved a complex and dynamic defense system for their adaptation in response to stress. Drought and temperature are the major abiotic stresses that affect the plants, along with light, salinity and minerals. Prolonged abiotic stress may cause irreversible damage to plant function or development.

The possibilities for increasing tolerance to abiotic stresses are enormous. Progress has been made worldwide to utilize advanced tools and techniques from all branches of science in order to understand how plants respond to abiotic stresses with the aim of helping to manipulate plant performance that will be better suited to withstand these stresses. Though several projects have been developed to tackle effect of stress, many questions still remain unanswered. Therefore, an effort is made through this publication to show some of the current research and critical roles of genetics, physiology, biochemistry, biotechnology, and other related science in crop improvement for the benefit of fellow researchers. It is necessary to constantly get acquainted with the past and present occurrences in order to learn lessons that could help in the acquisition of new knowledge or the further development of appropriate technology ensuing from it. Among the high-priority research areas identified in plant sciences, developing crops with high yielding characteristics under adverse conditions is gaining attention in view of the future predictable earth's environment and also for possible establishments of plants on other terrestrial bodies in our universe.

In this book an attempt has been made to unfold some of the new findings and achievements that will enhance ongoing research and help solve some of the pressing issues in plant science.

This book presents the holistic view of the affect of various abiotic stresses on plants and their response to it. Chapters offer a critical discussion on the available literature and major problems , as well as understanding of plant stress responses and mechanisms of their tolerance in detail. I honestly trust that this book will be of great help to students, researchers and professionals in various fields of science, both in academic and industrial sectors.

I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude and indebtedness to all the authors for their valuable contributions and also to the researchers who actually performed experiments and reported their findings. I must confess that it had been a rare privilege for me to be associated with InTech publishers. Thanks is the least word to offer to Ms. Viktorija Zgela, Ms. Natalia Reinic and Ms. Dragana Manestar, Intech Publishing Process Managers, yet I shall avail this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude for their help and co-operation at various phases of book publication. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Devaiah Kambiranda for helping me in editing some of the chapters. Last but not least I express my sincere thanks and affection to my wife Roopashri Puttaramu and my daughter Sahitya H. Setty for their sensible co-operation and cheerful encouragement. I hope the information available in this book will have a greater impact on the scientific world working towards crop improvement, which will pay off one day in the survival of life form on this beautiful planet, the Earth.

[EBOOK] PLANTS AND ENVIRONMENT, Edited by Hemanth KN. Vasanthaiah and Devaiah Kambiranda, Published by INTECHWEB.ORG

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