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[EBOOK] Nanotechnology and the Environment, More writer, Published by CRC PRESS

This book seeks to demystify, as much as is possible based on the current state of the science, the occupational and environmental concerns about intentionally manufactured nanomaterials . To provide context for that discussion, it begins with an explanation of nanoscale materials, their properties, and their uses, and describes the processes used to manufacture nanoscale materials Subsequent chapters provide information on possible risks to human health and the environment and on developing regulations to manage those risks The penultimate chapter of this book examines an apparent paradox given concerns over the possible risks of nanotechnology: the use of nanoscale materials to remediate environmental pollution

This organizational structure — describing the manufacture of nanoscale materials, considering their usage, and following those materials through various discharges to points of exposure to gauge the consequences of exposure — parallels the process of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) . The final chapter of this book discusses frameworks such as LCA for evaluating the balance between risk and reward, and presents brief examples

This book offers a snapshot of a rapidly developing field . It presents the current state of the science and identifies critical areas undergoing further research Even such fundamentals as definitions, classification schemes, and understanding of the properties of nanoparticles are evolving Intensive research into many aspects of the behavior of nanoparticles in the environment and biological systems continues, and thus the information presented in this book represents an initial framework for understanding nanotechnology and the environment A later edition of this book, if written in a few years, would contain much more detail and could address technical questions more fully. But the community of scientists, engineers, regulators, and the public cannot wait for the results of mature research; given the possible risks and rewards of nanotechnology, we must explore what is known about the ramifications of nanotechnology and the environment now.

[EBOOK] Nanotechnology and the Environment, More writer, Published by CRC PRESS

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