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[EBOOK] Dictionary of Water and Waste Management, Paul G. Smith and John S. Scott, IWA Publishing

Water and waste management covers the design, building and operation of plants for water treatment and supply, sewerage, wastewater treatment and disposal, and solid waste treatment and disposal. It aims to understand and control pollution of air, water and land, and to improve amenity. This book, with many crossreferences, explains its terminology and should help laymen, as well as scientists and engineers qualified in other subjects, to understand its literature. It touches on a variety of many branches of engineering—chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, mechanical, structural and water as well as the various branches of environmental science including aspects of chemistry, biology, hydrology, microbiology, and virology, to name only a few. The book also covers relevant public health terminology.

The predecessor to this book was entitled Dictionary of Waste and Water Treatment and it was published in 1981. The inception for that book was John Scott who is now deceased. This text is a further development of his idea. Much has changed in this subject area over the last twenty years and the terminology of the USA has become more prevalent. New terms are now in common use and new topic areas have become established. Consequently this dictionary is 50% larger that the 1981 book and the scope of the book has been widened to cover terminology related to reclamation and recycling of waste, pipeline rehabilitation, contaminated soil remediation, environmental impact assessment and environmental management systems.

In this dictionary, the convention for biological Latin is followed where the genus and species is written in italics. All other terms concerned with biological classification are printed in roman type. All cross-references are printed in bold italic type. UK English is used but reference is made to US spellings.

The information given in this dictionary is illustrative and must not be used for design or operational purposes.

I would like to thank Professor Mike Jackson, University of Strathclyde for his permission to use some of his material in this book and Dr Colin Clark, Highland Council, for his constructive comments on the final draft.

[EBOOK] Dictionary of Water and Waste Management, Paul G. Smith and John S. Scott, IWA Publishing

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